Programmes currently being conducted by 28 qualified teachers in 52 preschools, kindergartens and learning Institutions:

* English Speech & Drama (ECDR)    * Phonics Reading & Writing   * English Creative & Dramatic Writing   *Public Speaking

* Speech & Communication    * Creative Writing     * Comprehension Skills  * Art & Model Design

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Other Programmes & Services:

Teachers Training Workshops/Parents Workshop/Counselling & Coaching/Entrepreneurship Camps/Tuition Classes





We offer Music & Drama programme for 2 to 3 years old. Children entering our Music & Drama Programme must be 2 years of age at the start of the program.


This programme is well imtegrated with the pre-school's learning themes to offer an eniching and cohesive learning experience for young children. The approach follows the child's natural way of learning, for it employs Art, Body Movement, Sound and Music, Creative Poetry, Speech (Phonics) and Drama as well as Creative Thinking.

Music and Drama is an ideal programme that helps to build a child's self-confidence. The positive benefits of engaging in Drama activities will spill over all areas of a child's life.




We offer Speech & Drama programme for children 3 to 6 years old. Children entering our Speech & Drama Programme must be 3 years of age.


Our Speech & Drama programme offers children the opportunity to master techniques and skills necessary for effective communication while loving every minute of learning through poetry, role-play, puppertry, mimes, story-telling and problem-solving.


We create an environment that promotes the use of imagination and creativity, enjoyment of rhythm, sound and language.








We aim to lead children into and through an imaginative journey, not just within an enclosed classroom but to a larger performing platform like an actual stage. Live theatre experience can start with an appropriate age of between 3 - 12 years old and this kind of platform allows children to experience drama in a different way through interacting with an audience. We would like to create an opportunity for young children to express themselves confidently in front of an audience and to showcase what they have learnt in their drama classes. Being part of the performance chows children that there are people who appreciate them , and this helps to build up self-esteem with each round of applause they receive.  More importantly, we hope to bring joyand fun to the stage for these children when they perform in front of an audience.






We offer playgroup programme for toddlers 18months to 4 years old. Children entering our Playgroup Program must be 18months  of age at the start of the program.


This is a free-play based program that provides children the opportunity to develop their skills in all areas. Our environment allows children to explore the world in a safe and loving setting. 


One Early Childhood Educator and two assistants teach this program.